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Email from Anonymous - What is the best advise you can give someone that starting their journey in the coffee industry?

I received this email from someone that wants to be anonymous:

Hey Gavin,

awesome website you started, I don’t see any tips yet for someone just starting in the coffee industry. Is there any advice and guidelines or tips you or the community can give someone like me ?

Please keep me anonymous for now.

Thank you so much.

Kind Regards,


Do you have any advice, tips or guidelines ?

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Start small. Use quality coffee from the start, because once you loose a customer, they may tell their friends and none of them may become regulars. When you buy equipment, buy new and the best you can afford.

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I think that A comes from a good place then.
Wanting to learn and gather as much info as possible is vital. Watching a few James Hoffman videos is great but it doesn’t teach you everything.

When I started i spent time with as many people in the industry as i could and learnt something from each person. Over time I was able to form my opinions and have them change as i learnt more.

I think it also depends where in the industry A is wanting to head, it is a wide industry with many moving parts so explore each of those parts and gather understanding as well as appreciation.

Anyway, welcome to the wonderful world of coffee!

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that is actually very good advice. I learned something today as well :slight_smile:

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