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Friday Morning (3 Sep) having my second cup before 8am

Sitting in the sun, drinking my instant Jacobs coffee (yes i know).

What type of coffee blend do you prefer in the morning? is it a different blend that in the afternoon?

Let me know :smiley:

My morning starts with me making a Moka Pot for me and my wife with one of my 4 roasts (currently enjoying the Easy Roast) and served in a travel mug so that we can enjoy them for longer while doing the run around.

Also enjoying some chocolate covered Medium Roast beans to chew on as well!

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The Easy roast, sounds like I will have to try it :grin:

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I’m definitely biased to my own roasts, but they are all really delicious in their own way. :coffee:

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Oh my goodness Gavin. We’re going to have fix that. But hey, if you enjoy it then why not. My morning brew was a house blend from Red Truck Roastery in Pretoria. I have a double shot cappuccino with my wife every morning. I’ll have a cortado or double espresso (if I’m in a bad mood) throughout the day and I have a double americano with my wife in the evenings after work.


Gavin. We seriously need to work on that. Not that it’s a bad coffee, but imagine having a nice chemex to start off your day. I started my day with a Mocha Pot using Beaver Creeks locally grown F6 medium roast. Have a lekka day!

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I use a Kaffelogic roaster and roast most mornings. I am really enjoying a Nicaragua Arbol CM Natural at the moment. Using green direct out of the freezer.

I drink it either through a clever dripper or Newton Espresso.

When I feel a bit lazy and just have a cup of Nescafe Gold … :slight_smile: WHAHAHHHAHA Does weighing the coffee and water in the cup before I mix the instant make it Specialty??? :wink:

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Are there many here that freeze your coffee in vac packs? Would love to hear about your technique.

Having a Mobile coffee business, I get my microlot Marsellesa from Rajuanse in Nicaragua from the espresso machine every morning… all freshly roasted in the Genio6. Blessed I am.

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nice, i am sort of jealous :wink:

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