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How to send, configure, and accept invitation emails

The Site Forum allows users with a sufficient trust level to invite new users to the site. Invites can be configured to redirect the new user to a specific topic when they first join the site. Invites can also be configured to add the user to custom groups when they accept the invite.

Creating an invite

To create an invite, click the “invites” link from your user’s profile page. That will take you to your pending invites page. That page shows a list of previous invites you have sent and allows you to send new invites. Click the “Invite” link to start creating a new invite:


The modal window that opens contains an invite link that is configured to invite a single user to the forum:


If you wish to use the same link to allow for more than one user to be invited, adjust the number set in the “Max uses” input.

If you would only like the invite to be redeemed by a specific email address, enter that email address into the form:


To configure the invite so that users will be taken to a specific topic, or added to custom groups when accepting the invite, click the gear icon to open the invite’s advanced options:


After having configured the invite, click its copy button to copy the invite link. If you have configured the invite for a specific email address, click the “Save and Send Email” button to cause Discourse to send an invite to the email address.

Alternative methods of inviting users to a topic or a group

Users can be invited to a specific topic by clicking the “Share” button from the topic’s footer. Click the “Invite” button in the modal that opens to open the invite form. Note that only admin users on the site can invite a user to a topic that’s in a protected category. When doing that they will be prompted to add the user to the group that has access to the category.

Group owners and site admins can invite new users to a group from the group’s page. Click the Invite button from the group’s page to open the invite modal.

Accepting an invite

When an invite is accepted by visiting an invite link, the user will be taken to a page that displays the same fields as are seen on your site’s signup modal. An exception to this is that if the invite was created for a specific email address, the email field will not be displayed. Instead, an account will be created for them with the email address that the invite was configured for:



Note that setting a password when an invite is accepted is optional. If the user sets a password, they will be logged into the site and their account will be activated. If the user does not set a password, they will still be logged into the site, but will be prompted to set a password the next time they log into the site.

If you have any questions or need help, pop a msg in the #support categories and I will be happy to help